This function obtains the latest AmeriFlux site list and sites' general info through the AmeriFlux web service.



A data frame containing the following columns. See AmeriFlux BADM standard detailed explanation.

  • SITE_ID - Six character site identifier (CC-Sss)

  • SITE_NAME - Site name (free text)

  • COUNTRY - Country (free text)

  • STATE - State (free text)

  • IGBP - Vegetation type based on the IGBP definition (character)

  • URL_AMERIFLUX - Site web site URL, maintained by AmeriFlux (URL)

  • TOWER_BEGAN - The starting year of flux measurement (YYYY)

  • TOWER_END - The ending year of flux measurement (YYYY), NA if still active or unspecified

  • LOCATION_LAT - Latitude of the site (decimal deg ref WGS84)

  • LOCATION_LONG - Longitude of the site (decimal deg ref WGS84)

  • LOCATION_ELEV - Elevation of the site above sea level (m)

  • CLIMATE_KOEPPEN - Koppen climate classification (character)

  • MAT - Long-term mean annual average air temperature (degree C)

  • MAP - Long-term mean annual average precipitation (mm)

  • DATA_POLICY - LEGACY / CCBY4.0 (character)

  • DATA_START - The starting year with published AmeriFlux BASE data (YYYY)

  • DATA_END - The ending year with published AmeriFlux BASE data (YYYY)


This combines the information of various other functions.


if (FALSE) {
# obtain the basic general info for all sites
site <- amf_site_info()

## End(Not run)